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Our Mission & Values

Our mission is to disrupt and revitalize the legal industry pipeline by providing meaningful mentorship to everyone.

At the heart of the matter, the practice of law is about human connection. The entire profession exists for the purpose of helping others solve problems and representing our fellow humans. And yet, the legal profession has developed a horrible reputation for representing the worst vices in our society. Lawyers are stereotyped as cutthroat, ruthless, selfish, workaholics that make a lot of money, but have no regard for others. We are changing that perception and empowering generations of lawyers to succeed in their careers while being good citizens, caring humans, and leaders of our society. The values below guide us in accomplishing our mission.

The legal community should include members from all sectors of the society that it serves. Let's level the playing field, open doors, and improve the pipeline for the legal profession.

Genuine human connection is the key to practicing law. We want to help you develop connection with your mentors, peers, colleagues, clients, judges, jurists, and community.

We pass on the knowledge that we have gained through experience to the younger generations of lawyers to help them learn from our success and mistakes.  We challenge them, give them room to grow, encourage them when they feel weak, and celebrate their achievements.

We want our mentors and mentees to hold us accountable for delivering meaningful mentoring results and we will keep them accountable for accomplishing the objectives that they set.

We are constantly improving. The legal profession is often the slowest to adapt and adopt and the most resistant to change, but we aren't afraid of change, we are leading the way.

We are leaving a legacy of opportunity. Pay your success and benefits forward and help guide the next generation behind you.

We help mentors and mentees develop a well-defined plan to develop their relationship and reach their goals and we give them clear, actionable steps to do so.

It is our greatest measure of courage to learn how to embrace our weaknesses. We provide a safe space for our mentors and mentees to be vulnerable, open, and candid.

No one is perfect. We make mistakes and we expect you to make mistakes. But, we will constantly work to improve the things that aren't working. Humility authenticates our humanity.

YOU are our strongest asset. We want to learn from our mentors and mentees! If you have an idea, speak up. Let us know what you like and don't like.

Welcome to our tribe. You are not alone. This is a place where you can focus on your career with other like-minded individuals who want to help you. We will be your support system through thick and thin.


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