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How Does Our Mentoring Program Work? 

We created a plug-and-play solution for attorneys to connect with prelaw students and build relationships with them via our online platform!

Build a Profile. When you join our community, you'll fill out a profile with your background and experience.

Match with a Mentee. Mentees can search for mentors by reviewing their profiles and reaching out to them directly for mentoring. You can also search through mentee profiles and offer mentoring to mentees directly.

Meet. Schedule meetings, video chat, message, and take notes on the platform. There's no need to exchange sensitive information like phone numbers and email addresses. Meeting frequency is determined by you and your mentee, but we recommend meeting at least 1-2 times a month. You can also assign tasks to your mentee to complete before the next meeting.

Build lasting relationships! We provide all the tools you need to build lasting relationships. Mentees have access to a career development plan with recommended mentoring objectives. They are expected to drive the mentoring relationship by selecting objectives to complete with you. We also provide a wide variety of learning resources that you can assign to your mentee to complete.

Eligibility Requirements for Mentors

To be eligible as a mentor you must satisfy the following requirements:

✓ Attended an ABA accredited law school (or an ABA provisionally-approved law school)

✓ Have never been suspended or disbarred in any jurisdiction 

✓ Meet one of the following practice requirements:

- Passed the bar and is practicing law under the supervision of a licensed attorney while pending admission to a state bar, or

- Currently practicing as a lawyer, or

- Not currently practicing law, but you practiced law within the last 5 years, or

- Retired from practice, but practiced law for at least 10 years

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