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Updated ABA-Approved Law School Application Deadlines Chart

Are you applying to law school in this cycle and looking for a comprehensive chart of application deadlines? You've come to the right place!

Click HERE for a Google Sheet of all of the application deadlines for all ABA-approved law schools with the following data:

  • School Name
  • City, State
  • Admissions contact email
  • Admissions phone number
  • Website
  • Types of Programs Available (Full-time, Part-time, Hybrid, Accelerated JD)
  • Priority Application Deadline
  • Regular Application Deadline
  • Official Statements on Covid-19

The chart is currently sorted by Application Deadline date. Be sure to check all of the application deadlines. 

If you are just now starting to think about applying to law school, and you're hoping to start law school this fall, please watch this video for our advice on applying now: https://youtu.be/DzNhoTcodHI.

If you've already applied to several schools, but you're hoping for better scholarship offers, you may want to apply to more schools so that you can use any...

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What Does A Lawyer Do?

If you don’t have a lawyer in your life — be it a parent, relative, or friend — it can be difficult to know what exactly lawyers do. Even if you’re close with a lawyer, the legal profession is diverse, and legal careers can vary widely. Yet, if you’re interested in law school, it’s important to have an idea of what exactly you’re getting into before you dedicate the time, money, and effort required to earn a J.D. 

So, what does a lawyer do? It’s a simple question with a somewhat complicated answer. In short, a lawyer is a licensed professional who gives legal advice to clients. This advice can come in many forms, including making legal arguments in a courtroom, managing the legal requirements of a complex business transaction, or even writing the law. No lawyer’s day-to-day experience looks exactly the same, but almost every attorney career requires similar types of skills, such as public speaking,...

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Law School Basics: From Juris Doctor to Attorney

So, you’re thinking about a career as an attorney. Perhaps you dream of standing before a judge and jury, passionately advocating on behalf of your client. Or, maybe you dream of making BigLaw money and closing deals as part of a Mergers and Acquisitions team. While different types of legal careers can vary widely in form and substance, they share one common starting place: law school.

What is a J.D.? 

In the United States, the most common path to working as an attorney begins with obtaining a postgraduate law degree, called a J.D., or Juris Doctor. Most states require a J.D. in order to obtain a legal license. Postgraduate degrees, including the J.D., are earned after a bachelor’s degree. So, to become an attorney, students must generally complete both a four year bachelor’s degree and a three year law degree. [1] 

People with undergraduate degrees in any major can go to law school and earn a J.D., so long as they take the Law School...

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