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Covid-19 Resources

We know that many of you want information about the current state of law school admissions and the legal profession so we have created and curated the following resources below for you. We are updating these resources weekly so check back regularly for updates.

We're all in this together so please help us stay up to date. If you receive updates from law schools you have applied to or find helpful news articles, please send them to [email protected] so that we can post them here. 

  • If the update is law school specific, please use the subject line: "Coronavirus Update [law school name]" and please include the memo or correspondence if available. You can take a photo of the memo and send it via text to 202-670-3316 or email if you don’t want to forward the original PDF or Word file.
  • If the update includes news about how Coronavirus is impacting law school admissions, please use the subject line "Corona Virus Update [News Source], [Date Published]" and include the URL to the article.
  • If you are writing about the impact of Coronavirus on law school admissions, law school generally, legal careers, or the legal profession, please feel free to send us your content and we will post it below.

Last Updated: August 21, 2020

Our Free Weekly Zoom Meetups & Bi-Weekly Virtual Happy Hour

We started a Zoom meetup series that meets every Tuesday and Thursday at Noon Central Time to help law school applicants and prospective law students meet each other so that you know you're not alone. We invite guest speakers, including law school admissions consultants, LSAT prep coaches, lawyers, legal career coaches, and other legal professionals to discuss the ever changing trends. Anyone can join from prospective law students to current students and lawyers. Come join us, connect with others, and get practical, real world advice. 

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