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Free Zoom Meetups!

During the Covid-19 pandemic, we started providing free Zoom meetups every Tuesday and Thursday at Noon Central time to help prospective and current law students cope with the impact of Covid-19 on law school admissions, law school, and the legal profession. We provided these meetups so that students would be able to find a community of support during these challenging times, so they would realize that they were not facing these challenges all alone.

The meetups have been so successful that we will continue providing them so that prospective and current law students across the nation can connect with each other. 

Every week, we invite guest speakers, including attorneys, law school admissions consultants, LSAT prep coaches, and other legal professionals to spend an hour on our meetups providing advice to students. 

You can watch the recordings of our past meetups below.

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Recordings of Prior Meetups

Watch the recordings of our past meetups on our YouTube Channel below. Subscribe for notifications of new videos.


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