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Leg Up Legal is the place to discover, connect and engage with prelaw talent. When you partner with us, your lawyers can help mentor your future talent through the early stages of their careers. Candidates who receive mentoring from your lawyers gain exposure to your organization and its culture before even entering law school. They'll develop the skills that they need to thrive in your organization and the legal profession.

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Our mentoring program is designed to inspire, attract, and empower a diverse pool of talent. Our attorney mentors and prelaw mentees have a wide variety of socioeconomic backgrounds, genders, ethnic backgrounds, levels of education, and industry experience. By participating in our prelaw mentoring program, your organization not only promotes diversity in the profession, it furthers inclusion. Your organization can truly help foster a community where all can gain equal access to mentorship. We help bring underrepresented mentees to you and provide a structured mentoring curriculum for them to interact with your attorneys.

Promotional Support

Leg Up Legal will help you promote your pipeline initiatives and mentoring success stories. Our premium partnership tiers include press releases discussing your organization's involvement in our mentoring program and highlights of the mentoring success stories for the attorneys participating from your organization. In addition, we will provide materials to help recruit and onboard your attorneys to get them involved in our mentoring program.

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