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Leg Up Legal is providing a new and innovative approach for career development for prospective law students. While there are tons of widely available resources about LSAT prep, law school admissions, and preparing for law school, there are few opportunities for prospective law students to gain in-depth knowledge about the wide range of legal practice areas available, and the numerous legal career paths that students may pursue. We are filling that gap by providing candid, transparent, easily accessible information about the legal profession and how to start your legal career off on the right foot.  We will connect you with experienced attorneys who are willing to share their wisdom, encouragement, and support. We also carefully curate and create professional development advice that is immediately applicable to your career goals and provide it to you in short, easily digestible videos, online posts, and downloadable PDFs that you can access from anywhere at anytime.  

Our Team

Anjie Vichayanonda

CEO & Founder

Attorney turned entrepreneur. First-generation Asian-American. 5+ years of experience as an intellectual property lawyer. Career coach. Mentored 50+ prelaw students, law students, and young lawyers.

Morgan Shockey

Technology Expert

7+ years of experience in IT and technology roles. Full-stack developer. Consulted on a wide range of technology projects from web development to infrastructure.


Dresden Goldberg

Director, Programs and Operations, Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the University of Texas at Dallas. Creating award-winning programs to educate, empower, and inspire future entrepreneurs. Experienced higher education professional. 

Abdi Shayesteh

Serial entrepreneur. Founder of AltaClaro, an experiential learning platform for attorneys. 15+ years of experience working as a corporate and banking attorney.

Laura Higgins

Manager of Alumni Relations at Haynes and Boone, LLP. Experienced in law firm alumni relations with a background in legal marketing and recruiting. Passionate about connecting people, creative problem solving and lifelong learning. 

Caren Lock

Regional Vice President & Associate General Counsel of Government Relations for TIAA. Experienced corporate attorney and lobbyist. Former litigator. Served on numerous non-profit boards. 

Margo McClinton

Consultant. Founder of CRM & Associates LLC. Fourth-generation entrepreneur. Provided advisory and consulting services to for-profit, non-profit, and educational institutions in the fields of human resources, operations, communications, and corporate and nonprofit governance.


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